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Healing Arts~Yoga

Yoga classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced, Mount Dora, Tavares, Eustis, Thai Vedic Bodywork

 "Every movement begins, ends, and suspends with the breath... the breath IS movement.  It is the greatest movement we can ever consciously practice!" - Shawn Robin

 "Stretch a little more. Stress a little less" - Group practices available throughout the week, with Shawn Robin at the OUTPOST in Mount Dora.

Performing Arts~ Dance & Theater

Kids dance class, tiny tots, petites, juniors, teens, adult, ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical

Discipline to build character

Awareness of self & others

Nourishing to the soul 

Creative expression of the heart

Exciting & entertaining

Group classes for Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary & Creative Movement available for all ages, Kids & Adult

Martial Arts~Tai Chi & Karate

Tai chi, Bill Warden, breath, Balance, Coordination, Alignment, fall prevention, health & wellness

Tai Chi, traditionally known as Taijiquan, is a healing martial art  Tai Chi promotes well being, balance, and coodination of the body.It is a gentle practice of movement much like a slow dance.  When practiced regularly, it is known for aiding in the longevity of a healing body and peace of mind. This healing martial art will benefit a practitioner of any age.


Community center for the martial arts and performing arts. family of friends

Workshops & Events

LYFE - Living Your Full Expression by moving your body mind and spirit for health and wellness

Our Weekend Warrior Workshops & Community Building Events are held on the weekends.

They are separate from our regular class schedule and tuition. 

They can be attended by anyone who RSVP's.


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