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 Group classes such as TINY TOTS  Dance Class (for 3-4 yrs old),  PETITE  Ballet, Jazz, Tumble (for 5-7 yrs old), JUNIORS  Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical & Acting (for 8-12 yrs old) & TEEN Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical & Acting (13-18 yrs old) can be attended at our studio/dojo, Warden's OUTPOST.

Dance Theater with Shawn Robin

Ms. Shawn Robin has been performing & teaching dance for over 35 years.  She was classically trained at The University Center of the Performing Arts  in Davie, FL  where she also began performing with The Children's Company at local venues when she was 8. Her passion eventually led her to NYC where she continued to train and assisted teaching at Broadway Dance Center & perform with the Skip Costa Modern Dance Co.  Eventually returning to South FL, Ms. Shawn continued to perform, choreograph and teach with several local dance and theater companies until settling in the Apopka/ Mt.Dora area where she taught Ballet at Kidzdance & 3DMotion Dance Center. With her passion for performance art still on fire, Ms. Shawn  is teaching at The OUTPOST for all local to the Mt.Dora/Eustis/Tavares area. 

For the Love of Dance!

 Throughout history, the movement of dance has been practiced through traditional forms of story telling. It has evolved as a living art to have traditional variations of centuries old choreography as well as contemporary performance qualities to share tales & traditions of all cultures and the ways of humanity. Dance is a way to express ourselves physically, mentally & emotionally.   Whether a professional or an amateur, IT'S GOOD FOR YOU to move the body to music & Live Your Full Expression! 


Juniors Jazz Class Combo

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