Sponsorship Program

Our Children Are Our Future

There was a song from my youth that touched my heart so near and dear that I vowed to myself that would live by those words,   "We believe the children are our future, TEACH THEM WELL and let them lead the way!".  Both my partner and I have spent most of our lives doing that through the disciplines of the Performing Arts & the Martial Arts.  Both traditional disciplines teach the student lessons that are not only for in the studio/dojo, but ever lasting lessons for life.  Strength, Courage, Willpower, Endurance, Respect, Confidence & Honor are developed through a mindfulness that must be practiced regularly in order to become a way of life. It is through these disciplines that we aim to change the future generations for the better.

For Those Less Fortunate

The hardship of children born into financial struggle is that their gifts & talents are often overlooked & under developed because their family can not afford to nurture them.  It is our goal to be able to equip every child that is committed to changing their future by providing classes that they otherwise would never have an opportunity to take part in. Our Sponsorship Program allows us to scholarship tuition costs, provide uniforms/shoes, provide equipment/gear, & provide healthy snacks.

Becoming A Part Of The Sponsorship TEAM

The acronym TEAM stands for Tuition, Equipment, Apparel & Munchies.  To be a Sponsor, you may purchase a gift certificate  specific to these categories. As a Sponsor, you can allot a financial gift of any amount. You decide where you would like your gift to make a difference. 


TEAM Sponsorship

TEAM Gift Certificate

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Give the gift of Education, Life Skills, & Personal Empowerment towards driven students in need of financial assistance.  Your gift will be invested into the enrichment of our future generation of leaders and will play a significant role in their current & future achievements.